we are hiring now!

採用/Career – Japan

職種/Job category:

  • フルスタックエンジニア
  • ビッグデータ技術エンジニア
  • システムアーキテクト(基幹システム及び情報分析基盤)
  • テクノロジースペシャリスト(開発言語、分散処理、DB)
  • サービスデスクエンジニア
  • サービスアーキテクト(サービス設計、マネジメント)

採用/Career – Global

職種/Job category:

  • System Engineer:
    • Software programmer
    • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
    • Operation Automation Engineer
  • Researcher/Technology Specialist:
    • database technology
    • distributed processing technology
    • programing language technology

私たちの働き方について/About our way of working


We have a head office in Tokyo, Japan. but we are building a structure at multiple small bases including Japan and overseas.

depending on the contract with the customer, we will build a virtual team crossing japan and overseas on a skill basis and collaborate-developing products and services with customers and team members.

求めている人物像について/we are looking for


our organize teams build on a skill basis. it’s no problem if you didn’t study IT at university and your former job is not IT.

But please learn IT with interest. And, please be interested in people who have different qualities from myself.
One person has a limit, but peoples can expand your limitations.


Although we are IT company, the main task is to create new things by using IT as a tool.


with our customers, we have to assume our goals and go there.
Therefore, It’s not “Please tell me how to go to the destination”, like a using a compass, think about how to get to the destination, then check your location, make sure the direction you are moving is right. We are looking for someone who can approach like that.